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Astronism and intellectual property

Discussion of the concept of intellectual property in relation to Astronism

Written by Astronist Institution

Edited by the Journal of the Institution

The Astronist Institution deals with the intellectual property regarding the Astronist religion as one of its central mandates is the protection of the integrity and originality of Astronism as founded by Cometan.

Vendox symbol of Astronism in gold

Last updated: FEB. 24, 2020

The Astronist Institution deals with the intellectual property regarding the Astronist religion as one of its central mandates is the protection of the integrity and originality of Astronism as founded by Cometan.

A major area of concern for new religious movements is that of intellectual property in the age of technology and modern society. This involves how a religion and a religious organisation are able to protect themselves from imitators and defamers and whether there are sufficient legal systems in place to allow proprietors of a religion to enact such protections.

Astronism is no different in this regard. As the era of The Founding of Astronism came to a close, Cometan began to consider the practicalities for the protection of the religion that he had just spent seven years creating. This coincided with his contemplations on the nature of religion, the role and identity of religion, and the wider philosophy of religion; that is, considering what religion is and how it should function and importantly, how it is able to function according to the legal frameworks per country.

The question of Astronism’s intellectual property is one considerable study that remains interdisciplinary, particularly involving Institutiology and Meta-Astronism. The former because the Astronist Institution is involved in the practical management and protection of the intellectual property of Astronism and the latter because the intellectual property of Astronism is integral to the formation of what Astronism is and how people (both Astronists and non-Astronists) identify and distinguish Astronism from other religions. Intellectual property is also incredibly intertwined and is consequential to conceptual value which is a topic area that Cometan is known to have contemplated on for a considerable amount of time.

A central area of intellectual property is trademarking. Even as early as 2020, Cometan began exploring the Institution’s options for registering a trademark and he also decided during this time that Institutional law would deal with all aspects of Astronist intellectual property, although it would be years later until this was codified.

In 2020, Cometan was informed by the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom that registering Astronism as a word for trademark would result in objection from the office as the monopolising of a religion (even though the religion was solely founded by Cometan) of one organisation would be illegal. However, the registering of the Vendox symbol would be acceptable and so this is what Cometan opted for. This means that in the United Kingdom, whenever a person uses the Vendox and profits from, the Institution is entitled to take a stipulated percentage of their earnings, or they are stopped from using the Vendox at all. This is also means that only the Astronist Institution is allowed to use the Vendox on buildings for religious services.

This remains Institutional policy to this day; Astronism as a word, although is claimed to be solely proprieted by the Institution, from the legal perspective, the Institution holds no grounds for suing those using the word Astronism to profit. The use of the Vendox for profit, however, as explained, is a different case altogether. The Institution aligns with standard international intellectual property law; that holding a trademark for the name of a religion should not be allowed and that churches and organisations to have somehow managed to trademark their religion’s name should be considered as corporations rather than religious organisations e.g. in the case of the Church of Scientology.

The intellectual property of Astronism goes beyond just simply the word Astronism and the Vendox symbol and can arguably be applied to the entirety of the concepts and beliefs of Astronism as a whole (although legally this would not uphold). The management of the intellectual property of Astronism is done so with the intention of maintaining the integrity of Astronism and the global community of Astronists (the Astrosa). However, obtaining or attempting to obtain a trademark for Astronism as a word itself decidedly demonstrates disingenuousness. It is for this reason that Cometan retracted his initial claim to Astronism as a word to be trademarked and although it is the intention of the Institution to obtain copyrights and trademarks for other aspects of its operations, such as for logos for its subsidiaries and patents for any unique services or inventions it is responsible for the creation of, it maintains that Astronism itself as a word and the religion associated to that word transcends the bounds of intellectual property.

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