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Last updated: JAN. 14, 2020

A prollection is a post-omnidoxical framework developed by Cometan in order to provide a brief overview of Astronism and Cometanism's approaches to a series of social issues involving four positions (favoured, opposed, pococurantial, indubitable) with some brief explanations provided if necessary. A prollection is an important aspect of Astronist social teaching. All issues addressed as part of a prollection are classified as relational in the cosmonomia in contrast to futural and existential issues.

Due to the neutramonia status of Astronism on many social issues, branches and schools of thought within Astronism are required to develop their approaches and beliefs regarding the variety of issues designated as neutramonial by the Astronist Institution. The neurtramoniality of Astronism invokes the notion of the philosophicity of Astroism and its status and identity as a philosophy just as well as a religion, hence a continued discussion is such topics is preferred over an absolutist stance.

Comparing the two, Astronism itself are markedly more conservative than its branch of Cometanism. Although Cometan founded Astronism, the organised philosophy took on its own identity beyond the personage of Cometan following its founding and so, all opinions considered to be Cometanic as distinct from being Astronist are collected together and referred to as Cometanism.

In a prollection, this is one of the few instances in which we are able to decipher the practical differences between what is Astronism and what is Cometanism as the theological, philosophical, and ideological differences between the religion and the branch respectively are difficult to distinguish.

Types of positions

  • Favoured –– in support of.
  • Opposed –– in opposition and condemnable to.
  • Pococurantial –– unconcerned with or indifferent to.
  • Indubitable –– undoubted existence and support of.

Astronism and Cometanism by social issue

Issue – Cometanic position – Details  

Abortion – Opposed – (except in the instance of the fatality of the mother)  

Animal rights Indubitable   

Alcohol Favoured   

Canabis Pococurantial   

Climate change – Indubitable – Cometan has publicly demonstrated his support for the climate emergency movement.  

Contraception – Favoured  

Divorce/Separation – Pococurantial   

Euthanasia – Pococurantial   

Gambling – Favoured   

Homosexuality – Favoured   

Monogamy – Favoured   

Pescatarianism – Favoured  

Polyamory – Pococurantial   

Suicide – Pococurantial   

Surrogacy – Favoured   

Tobacco – Pococurantial   

Transgenderism – Favoured   

Veganism – Favoured   

Vegetarianism – Favoured

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