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Comparative Astronism

Disciplines dealing with the comparison of Astronism with other religions

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Comparative Astronism is the discipline of Astronism dealing with the comparison of Astronism with other religions and philosophies as well as the comparison between Astronarianism and other ideologies as well as Cometan with other figures.

The Vendox is the most well-known symbol representing Astronism.

Comparative Astronism is the discipline of Astronism dealing with the comparison of Astronism with other religions and philosophies as well as the comparison between Astronarianism and other ideologies as well as Cometan with other figures.

Comparative Astronism is a dispositional discipline of Astronism and is also classified as a discipline of study within comparology. It is principally concerned with the study of the comparison of Astronism with other religions, philosophies, and ideologies.

It also involves the study of Astronist beliefs and perspectives on a number of everyday life scenarios and social issues. A list of such topics can be found here.

There exists two branches of Comparative Astronism including:

Religious branches of Comparative Astronism


  • Astronism and Buddhism 

  • Astronism and Christianity 

  • Astronism and Islam 

  • Astronism and Hinduism 

  • Astronism and Judaism 

  • Astronism and Sikhism 

  • Astronism and Spiritism 

  • Astronism and Shenism 

  • Astronism and Taoism 

  • Astronism and Confucianism 

  • Astronism and Traditional African religion 

  • Astronism and Bahá'í Faith 

  • Astronism and Jainism 

  • Astronism and Caodaism 

  • Astronism and Zoroastrianism 

  • Astronism and Tenrikyo 

  • Astronism and Neopaganism 

  • Astronism and Unitarian Universalism 

  • Astronism and Rastafarianism 

  • Astronism and Freemasonry 

Philosophic branches of Comparative Astronism

  • Astronism and Agriculturalism 

  • Astronism and Aristotelianism  

  • Astronism and Atomism 

  • Astronism and Consequentialism 

  • Astronism and Determinism 

  • Astronism and Environmentalism 

  • Astronism and Evidentialism 

  • Astronism and Foundationalism 

  • Astronism and Humanism 

  • Astronism and Idealism 

  • Astronism and Indian philosophy 

  • Astronism and Internalism and externalism 

  • Astronism and Islamic illuminationism  

  • Astronism and Legalism 

  • Astronism and Materialism 

  • Astronism and Modernism 

  • Astronism and Naturalism 

  • Astronism and Negativism 

  • Astronism and Neo-Confucianism 

  • Astronism and Nihilism 

  • Astronism and Platonism 

  • Astronism and Positivism 

  • Astronism and Posthumanism 

  • Astronism and Postmodernism 

  • Astronism and Pragmatism 

  • Astronism and Pythagoreanism  

  • Astronism and Quietism 

  • Astronism and Reductionism 

  • Astronism and Russian cosmism 

  • Astronism and Scientism 

  • Astronism and Scholaticism 

  • Astronism and Spinozism 

  • Astronism and Stoicism 

  • Astronism and Structuralism  

  • Astronism and Sufism 

  • Astronism and Thomism 

  • Astronism and Transcendentalism 

  • Astronism and Transhumanism 

  • Astronism and Utilitarianism 

Comparative Astronarianism

Main article: Comparative Astronarianism

  • Astronarianism and agrarianism 

  • Astronarianism and anarchism 

  • Astronarianism and anti-capitalism 

  • Astronarianism and baathism  

  • Astronarianism and capitalism 

  • Astronarianism and centrism 

  • Astronarianism and clericalism 

  • Astronarianism and collectivism 

  • Astronarianism and communism 

  • Astronarianism and communitarianism 

  • Astronarianism and conservatism 

  • Astronarianism and eco-socialism  

  • Astronarianism and fascism 

  • Astronarianism and Islamism 

  • Astronarianism and liberalism 

  • Astronarianism and localism 

  • Astronarianism and Marxism  

  • Astronarianism and monarchism 

  • Astronarianism and nationalism 

  • Astronarianism and pan-Africanism 

  • Astronarianism and pan-Slavism 

  • Astronarianism and populism 

  • Astronarianism and progressivism  

  • Astronarianism and regionalism 

  • Astronarianism and republicanism 

  • Astronarianism and separatism 

  • Astronarianism and socialism 

  • Astronarianism and Zionism 

Comparative figures

Main article: Comparative figures


  • Cometan and Buddha 

  • Cometan and Confucius 

  • Cometan and Guru Nanak 

  • Cometan and Jesus 

  • Cometan and Karl Marx 

  • Cometan and Muhammad 

  • Cometan and Plato 

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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