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Astronist agnosticism

Presence of agnostic thought in Astronism

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Last updated: DEC. 22, 2019

Agnosticism in Astronism refers to the influence of agnostic thought in the context of the explanation and discussion of the beliefs and philosophical positions of Astronism.

The Vendox is the most well-known symbol representing Astronism.

Agnosticism in Astronism refers to the influence of agnostic thought in the context of the explanation and discussion of the beliefs and philosophical positions of Astronism.

Agnosticism in Astronism, or Astronist agnosticism, is the presence of agnostic thought and positions in the context of the Astronist belief framework. Agnostic Astronists are those individuals whom subscribe to the Astronist worldview of cosmocentrism, but may be more skeptical on other topics, particularly those beyond the most basic beliefs of Astronism like cosmosis and astrosis. In essence, they hold that it is difficult or impossible to be  sure of anything beyond the most basic tenets of Astronism. 

Agnosticism is often argued to exist in Astronism with regards to the cosmocentric worldview of the organised philosophy. Essentially, Astronism focuses on contemplation, intellectual exploration and philosophising about The Cosmos because The Cosmos represents a knowable area of investigation but excessive contemplation towards the nature of God equates a considerable amount of contemplation spent of something that remains unknowable. It is for this reason that there exists a definitive avoidance of making theological debates the centre of Astronist discussions and also highlights an agnostic characteristic at the core of the Astronist worldview due to the unknowability of God. Therefore, it could be argued that although Astronism holds a developed theology centred on The Divine, its ambiguity – which has been debated since the introduction of the theology – suggests an agnostic undertone to Astronism as a whole whose preference for contemplating The Cosmos outweigh those for contemplating God.


Agnostic writings can be inferred in the Omnidoxy by Cometan regarding concepts such as God in particular. The ambiguity surrounding the theology of Astronism with regards to the concept of The Divine could be interpreted as resulting from an agnostic attitude to theology. 

Agnosticism in Astronism is most noted to appear when a person explores the vast amount of concepts and ideas that form entirety of the Astronist belief system. The person may come across conflicting ideas due to the sometimes ununiform structure of Astronist ideas which may only lead to that person's isolation from their beliefs, thus resorting to an agnostic approach.

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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